The Butters: Lube

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The Butters: Lube

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My lube has been called, "THE BEST LUBE YOU'LL EVER USE," and not just by me. Across the board, it's consitently given positive reviews.

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The Butters was created as a solution to three problems in my life: chronic ashiness, dry hair, and most importantly, a lack of quality lube made for the sex I have. There are lots of products that solve the first two well enough, but I’ve never found a lube that’s beneficial to every orifice, non-toxic, plays well with lots of toy materials, won’t stain sheets, tastes good, is pregnancy-safe, and carries a reasonable price.

After lots of research, I landed on recipe that hit dead center on everything I need. With all it’s great features and an incredible everyday price, you’re going to love it, too.

My lube has been called, "THE BEST LUBE YOU'LL EVER USE," and not just by me. Across the board, it's consistently given positive reviews.


There's nothing more satisfying than a swirl of The Butters

There's nothing more satisfying than a swirl of The Butters

"Oh my fucking God!" he growled as he slid into me, quick and easy. I'd never heard him sound so satisfied, and I know my cunt feels good to him. This was different. Because it's got so many uses, I was skeptical that it could be a good standalone lube. Well, hell, was I wrong." - Kayla Lords


"The Butters itself is magical. It’s so, so smooth, has a faint but pleasant smell, next to no taste, and it stays slippery for so, so long! I used it for masturbation and it was still slippery and lovely after 45 minutes with a Hitachi. The Butters is a fucking fantastic lube and I plan to bring it with me everywhere." - Kitty Stryker


""I’m absolutely thrilled with The Butters and can honestly say that no other lubricant on the market feels quite like this exceptional and affordable product… Creamy. Rich. Decadent.These are all terms that are regularly applied to sex toys but rarely are they as accurate (and literal) as when it comes to The Butters All-Natural Lube & Moisturizer." - Emmeline Peaches


"The Butters is good for any type of partnered or solo sex, really. It’s so delicious and slippery for hand-jobs, fingering, jerking off and all sorts of delightful hand sex or massages. This lube just perfect for anal sex. So perfect. So long-lasting. So goooood. And all of the ingredients actually help with skin elasticity." - Wetlandia


"I used it for makeup removal, shaving my legs,  moisturizer …By the time I got around to putting it on my naughty bits, I was already sold. This lube is fantastic for butt toys – I’ve used it with beads and plugs, and it’s perfect!  My partner was really into it, too (I believe his exact quote was, “Where can I buy this?!”). This is a great lube.  The texture, the endurance, and the multiple uses won my… heart.  Highly recommended!" - Teachers Have Sex


Since I launched LTASEX in 2010, I’ve put into action my long- running desire to help others have great sex and live better lives. Over the years, I’ve accomplished that goal in a multitude of ways. With The Butters, I’m literally putting the result of that passion into people’s bedrooms and I couldn’t be happier.



Each of The Butters' ingredients is used for their unique properties. Aloe provides pure, easy to absorb moisture and prevents The Butters from feeling oily. Apple cider vinegar balances pH, manages bacteria, prevents yeast infections, and gently cleanses. Guar gum conditions, adds slickness, prevents drips, prevents increases the feeling of softness, and helps mix any lubrication your body makes with The Butters. Coconut and grapeseed oil give your skin essential vitamins and lipids, while offering immediate lubrication. Shea, palm, and lipid emulsion condition tissues, melts into slick long lasting lubrication, and offers healing properties for delicate areas.


Sex Toy/Condom Material Compatibility:

Works with: Silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel, lamb skin, polyurethane

Not recommended for: TPE, Cyberskin, jelly, rubber, ABS

Has not been tested with: Latex, Vinyl, or ASA


Other uses:

•        Massage lotion

•        Leather & wood care

•        Soothe bumps, bruises, welts, heat/friction burns and other common sex-related injuries.

•        Hair, skin & nail conditioner

•        Ashiness Eraser

        Makeup Remover

•        Hot Oil Treatment

•        Shaving Lubricant

•        Beard Conditioner

•        Skin Protector

•        Tattoo Aftercare



Hypoallergenic, vegan, long-lasting moisture, only tested on human skin, hair and insides of many ethnicities and types, Ph balanced, edible, neutral taste and smell, safe for internal use (vagina, anus, pregnancy-safe), UV protection, clean-drying, amplifies natural lubrication, safe for pets and babies, non-toxic, produced/packed/stored to ServSafe standards, non-photoreactive



Pure organic aloe vera fillet gel, raw grade a golden ghanaian shea butter*, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil*, pure soy lipid emulsion*, apple cider vinegar, guar gum

*On the rare occasion I'm out of one, it will be substituted with pure cocoa butter #upgrade


Free of:

Scents, dyes, preservatives, sugar, glycerin, sweeteners, parabens, silicone, alcohol, added water, fillers, stabilizers, thickeners, gluten, phthalates

Ingredient Uses/Benefits: 

Grade A Raw Ghanaian Golden Shea Butter

Moisturizer, anti-inflammation, stretch marks, even skin tones, SPF 6, aids skin elasticity, reduces cellulite, aids skin healing and repair, cuticle health, smells amazing 


Pure Coconut Oil

SPF 2, heals skin (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne) aids hair growth and hydration, make up remover, cleanser, antibacterial, promotes HIV viral load reduction, carrier oil, anti-fungal, aids digestion, anti-inflammatory, fatty acids, richest natural source of lauric acid, aids immunity 


Pure Palm Kernel Oil

Vitamin E, antioxidants, carotenoids (as in the orange stuff in carrots, but richer), linked to reduction of many diseases, SPF 15, highly nutritious, supports lower blood pressure and cholesterol if ingested, promotes immune function and fat soluble nutrients (like vitamins A, D, E) 


Pure Grapeseed Oil  

Polyphenols, vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, antimicrobial, supports adaptogenic activity (promotes homeostasis and lower stress), helps acne & dermatitis, reduces age spots, heals /prevents sun burn, varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, bruising, PMS symptoms, moisture & condition  


Pure Organic Aloe Vera Fillet Gel

Aids nutrient absorption, helps body aches, aids digestion and immunity, stomach acid neutralizer, soothes burns, itching and irritation; anti-bacterial, antioxidants, reduces dental plaque, helps lower blood sugar, hair moisture 


Pure Soybean Oil

Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin e, promotes heart and immunity health, protects skin cell membranes, helps with sun burn & acne scarring, stimulates skin cell growth and healing, SPF 10. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Makeup remover, helps eczema & diaper rash, skin healing, helps with dandruff, strengthen nails, soothes itching 


Apple Cider Vinegar

Odor neutralizer, wart remover, helps sunburn, skin cleanser, teeth whitener, promotes shiny hairy