Organic Raw Black Soap - 50% Shea Butter!


Organic Raw Black Soap - 50% Shea Butter!


Black Soap is legendary for it's skin healing properties. The Butters’ Black Soap is 100% vegan. Safe for your face, hair and baby. The incredibly thick lather is also one of the best shaving lubricants you can buy… except for The Butters, of course.

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*Note: Bars are now bigger and less expensive per ounce! They've gone from 2oz for $1.50 to 4oz for $2.50. Since most people buy two at a time, I figured I could save on packaging and pass the bulk of the savings to you. Plus, I personally like bigger bars - easier to handle. We've also switched from plastic to recycled paper packaging. The environment deserves some savings, too.

Black Soap is legendary for its skin healing properties. Around the world people with acne, psoriasis, and eczema have used black soap to ease their symptoms, even skin tones and lighten blemishes. We use a traditional Ghanaian recipe that's 50% Shea Butter for hydrating cleansing like no soap you've ever tried.

Try as they might but Dove will never have this moisture! The traditional high fat recipe cuts no corners, which allows it to lather thicker and slick than you've ever seen. The lather is so thick and slick it's one of the best shaving lubricants you can buy… except for The Butters, of course.

When fresh, it's soft and pliable like Play-doh and stays that way for a while since shea butter is a very soft fat. We pack ours in paper to give the soap time to breathe and harden. This gives it a frosty white finish that returns to a super deep marbled black/brown when you wet it. Although we used to wrap it in plastic, we've found the bars much easier to handle when given a little more air.

The Butters’ Black Soap is 100% organic and vegan. Also, unlike the majority of soaps, Black Soap is safe enough for baby and your internal PH, too.  Since we don't use lye or any chemicals to create that lather, shaving delicate areas becomes beneficial rather than fraught with peril. It's also,  multi-use soap for body, face, hair, laundry, dishes, general home cleaning and more.

Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, oatmeal, cocoa pod charcoal, aloe vera gel, plantain extract, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin

Features: Vegan with no added scents, dyes, preservatives, sugar, parabens, silicone, alcohol, water, fillers, stabilizers, thickeners, gluten, or phthalates.