Zit Zapper! Antibacterial Daily Moisturizer w/Tea Tree X Grapeseed Oil

Zit Zapper! Antibacterial Daily Moisturizer w/Tea Tree X Grapeseed Oil

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Perfect for killing microbes, reducing redness & swelling, healing shallow wounds. Helps common skin problems: acne, dermatitis, dandruff, peeling, & more!


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Like Michael Jackson said, "this is it." This being my new moisturizer. It being the last tool you'll ever need to maintain the perfect balance of moisture and unwanted microbial slaughter. I initially made my bentonite x tea tree mask for this but, it dries my skin when used too often. What I really need is something for daily use that's light and breathable-yet-conditioning that would also help get rid of the dermatitis cleaning alone couldn't handle. That's where this comes in.

Here's how it works: The aloe gel moisturizes, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients from it and the honey easily. The sea salt, honey, and tea tree work with the aloe to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses that are living on your skin - that the slight sting you'll notice. The grapeseed oil conditions/protects shine-free while allowing your pores to breathe. When dry, your face will be left smoother and a little tighter with a gentle moisturized look that edges on matte. It always makes me look like I'm wearing a good BB cream without the weight. Throughout the day, it'll absorb sweat and oils to be easily washed away.



8% Argan oil by weight

Ingredients: Raw Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Raw Wildflower Honey, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Argan Oil, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Natural Vanilla Fragrance

100% vegan, organic, and wheat product free. Argan is a tree nut.



Post shave balm - seals cuts and disinfects to help prevent razor bumps and painful ingrown hairs.

No water facial cleanser - Simply spray on, let sit for about 30 seconds then wipe off. Spray a little more on an let dry for best results.

Spray on deodorant - Will kill bacteria and leave a pleasant vanilla scent. Can use under arms and on genitals, and under skin folds

Wound rinse - will help remove debris, stop bleeding, sterilize, and protect the wound from infection while it heals.


Instructions: Shake well and apply all over the face. Can use on wet, dry, clean, or dirty skin. Use enough to saturate. Rub it in with your finger tips and let dry. There’s no need to rinse it off. If used on a dirty face, wipe it off & reapply to get the best results. It’s perfectly fine to use on any part of your body. Will create a medium level of hold in hair. Don’t get it in your eyes.