"The Butters is hands down the best sex lube I have ever tested" - Review & Interview

Remember what I wrote a few weeks ago about the Magic Wand vibrator? Since I focus on the uncommon parts of sexuality, I generally don’t get to play the sex blogger game where some company sends you a sex toy (and, very occasionally, paltry hush-hush pocket money) and you rant ecstatically about the wonders of yet another rubber cock or a vibe that is identical to millions before it. That sort of stuff is just off the scope of this website, so I was really surprised when a perfect stranger wrote me offering a free sample of his product even if he knew I wouldn’t review it – just to let an influencer know about it.

Now, to say I was skeptic is a gross understatement. Reading the guy’s website it turned out he had merely been working on an artisanal – or possibly homemade – sex lube, so the result could hardly be innovative or any better than the high-tech, silicone-based stuff created in big pharmaceutical labs with millions of R&D money thrown at it. My initial mental picture of a delusional maker however faltered as I researched his endearing quest for the perfect lubricant.

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An Intro to Bath Bombs & Fizzies: What they are and what they're good for

The question of what bath bombs are and what they're good for has come up a lot. Until my sweetie started begging me to make some for them, I hadn't actually bothered figure it all out. Having just released my new collection of bath bombs in The Butters: Beauty, Health, & Hygiene shop, it's safe to say I've also fallen in love with the fizzy little buggers.

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Fluting Around: Detroit Native Returns For 'Golden' Show

Combing through Detroit's musical history will bring sounds of booming Motown vocals, hypnotic electronic flares and earth-shaking hip-hop thumps. With that rich stream of legendary sound pumping from the city, a little boy with the passion for his instrument is hardly marquee grabbing.

Yet, somehow, openly gay, African-American flautist Eric Lamb found a way to impress ears from here to the Czech Republic.

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Gay Pageant Makes Michigan Debut: Miss Gay Great Lakes America To Serve Integrity, Class And Insane Competition

To a lot of people, drag pageants seem like a childish hobby for the self-absorbed. For those in the know, pageants are part sport, part community service. It's a game where the cleats are stilettoes and the only stats that matter are beauty, glamour, elegance, sophistication, talent, class and a desire to do good within your community.

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The Story Of Sabin: From Broken Dreams To Rhinestone Queen, Local Drag Superstar Shares Her Story

The world of drag is tough. One day you're fierce and the next you're getting smacked in the dressing room by a jealous queen in a bad wig. To survive in the queen-shank-queen world of drag, it takes a lot of grit, dedication, talent and heels high enough to rise above it all.

To become a name known, loved and respected across the country, it takes something a little more: perseverance.

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